June 16, 2019
Happy Father’s Day to all fathers!
Let me tell y’all, we need y’all to be representatives of God in these days. We need y’all to be the examples of a life unashamedly lived by faith in God. We need y’all to know the word of God and to be our teachers. We need to see y’all taking stands for what is right. We need y’all to love us as God loves us. We need y’all to say “well done” when we do right and discipline us when we do wrong. Fathers, y’all are important to us ‘cause God made y’all important.
Fathers, some of us have a problem relating to God because we have equated what God as Father is like to what our earthly fathers are like. Pops, y’all got to clean that up. We need y’all to be good examples of fatherhood.
Fathers, we know that y’all did not start this. This has been going on for generations. But we want y’all to show us and our communities a new example. Break the cycle of less than God like images that y’all inherited. We believe in y’all. Y’all can do it. Fathers, we need y’all to blow up the truth about men in church. We need to see y’all in church. We are watching y’all. We know you can sing. We wanna know why you ain’t singing. We know you have skills. We wanna know why you ain’t using those skills. Where are you, fathers? We need you.
Thank you, fathers, for providing for us. We appreciate that. Thank you, fathers, for protecting us. We appreciate that. Thank you, fathers, for introducing us to Jesus, the church, faithful living and discipleship. We absolutely appreciate that. Those values will last us our entire lives and on into eternity.
Fathers, our greatest joy will be to spend all of eternity with y’all. Y’all prepared yourselves for eternity and then y’all prepared us for eternity. It is our prayer that for y’all’s faithfulness as fathers, y’all will hear Jesus say “Well done.”
A most Happy Father’s Day, y’all!
June 9, 2019
Today, church is a whirlwind of activity. That’s great! I know that
God wants us to enjoy the days He gives us, but God does not
want us to enjoy them at His expense. Even believers are busy
and sometimes use time that is to be devoted to God for
themselves. Don’t forget that as witnesses our lives are to be
visible examples of what is important.
We welcome through confirmation 17 persons who have
completed sessions on the Church, the United Methodist Church,
Spiritual Gifts, sin, salvation, accepting Jesus Christ, prayer, the
Holy Spirit, church traditions and denominations and the hymns of
the church. In addition, we have one college student who will
become a full member.
Youth and children who have been baptized and come to the
church when their parents join are preparatory members. They are
not full members counted in our membership numbers. We usually
cover that in New Members’ Orientation. Parents whose children
have not been baptized are invited to offer their children to be
baptized. These 17 have made the decision to become Christians
and become members of the church. Church membership is not
automatic but a decision by each church member. Personal
decisions are important. From this day forward, these persons will
be counted as full members of St. Paul and the United Methodist
Today, we honor our graduating students and honor roll students.
Congratulations to them for these achievements. Our prayers are
with you as you discover and fulfill God’s purpose for your lives.
Across the world today is Pentecost Sunday. This day is an
important reminder that the Holy Spirit is not for some but for all.
We can be a good social group without the Holy Spirit but we
cannot be Christians or a church without the Holy Spirit living in us
and operating in the church. Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.
Have a blessed Sunday.